Jun 24, 2015

The mechanism of the hidden wireless pinhole camera

When it comes to the hidden wireless pinhole camera, the first thing is to clarify a common misconception: in fact, when we commonly talked about the hidden wireless pinhole camera, it is not with a pinhole lens. Pinhole lens is the use of pinhole imaging principle to obtain an image of the lens to get the video footage, it is low cost and simple in principle, but there is a fatal weakness: too little light through the hole,which causes the exposure time to be too long. Using a pinhole camera to take pictures under the sun needs a few minutes to ten minutes, the exposure time when shooting at night will have to expend a few hours. Obviously, for every second that needs to shoot dozens of pictures, it is not up to the standard. Pinhole lens can not be used in the camera, so there would be no “pinhole” cameras in the strict sense. Nevertheless, in this article we still use customary saying, calling those fisheye lens or conical plane miniature camera lenses as pinhole camera.
The second misconception about hidden wireless pinhole camera is that people often associate it with‘Spying’,’taping’ and ‘Insecurity’ , such words reveals a strong sense of insecurity. However, in practice, in most cases, the pinhole camera is used for the protection of life, property and privacy of people, rather than the opposite effect.
Hidden cameras have many specific types: they can used int he car, door,or walls,or to capture animals,and for sports purpose.
How the wireless pinhole hidden spy camera works:
The principles of various hidden wireless pinhole camera are similar. They will gather through the lens to cast light on the sensor, the sensor converts the optical signal to an electrical signal; then the electrical signal is converted into a digital signal; after the digital signal compression and transmission to the monitor or recording device to display or recorded as what we can see in the image. Due to size restrictions, these cameras are generally not with too complex functions, you can not adjust the focus and you can not adjust the aperture size.
They are generally multi-part lens, image sensor, an analog / digital converter, graphics controller, etc., if with audio function,sound collection, processing and transmission components will need to be increased..
According to different data transmission methods, hidden wireless pinhole camera can be divided into two types: the wireless and the wired. Wireless camera will send out the data transmission with range reaching tens or even hundreds of meters, you just need to install the receiver in this range and then can collect them as a video signal. Wired cameras must be connected to the data line to work, the other end of the data lines is often connected to the recording device. In addition, for any pinhole camera power is required; pinhole camera lens is a smooth glass; most pinhole cameras will need lighting in order to get a clear image.
Therefore, we can use these features to judge whether there is hidden spy cameras inside:
Detect walls, ceilings, chandeliers, furniture, tissue boxes and vases to see whether or not there is a small
reflective lens , dim the lights, so that the pinhole camera can not obtain a clear image; turn off the power in the room, so the pinhole camera can not work; or use special detection tool to scan pinhole wireless camera transmitter signals and get the accurate positioning.
A special pinhole camera detection device, this device can emit infrared visible light to the surface you want to detect, if there is a spherical lens surface similar to the pinhole camera, from professional eyepiece in the device we can spot the very clear pinhole camera pinhole position.
However, the pinhole camera will appear in place that should not be there. Endless photographed incidences are happening, so people have to be vigilant and be careful to protect their privacy.
Pinhole camera should not be abused, invasion of privacy is not only immoral, but also illegal
behavior. When we use them, we only use them to protect the legitimate rights and interests, or the protection of everyone’s property is not being violated, do not use it to do something that is not legal or moral. 
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