Jun 25, 2015

New trends on office supplies companies

One of the world's top 500 enterprises, the world's leading provider of office supplies-- Office Depot, Inc. today announced that it has reached the final agreement with one of China's largest office supplies products and office services provider AsiaEC (AsiaEC .com) to acquire the controlling stake, the two sides will jointly develop the Chinese market of office supplies. It is reported that the Office Depot acquisition is making this move after its the successful landing in Japan, South Korea, it is another major action in the Asian market.
It is understood that Office Depot was founded in 1986 and headquartered in Delray Beach, Florida and specializing in the field of office and retail; the company has annual sales of nearly $ 15 billion, approximately 50,000 employees worldwide. The company has sales operations in 42 countries. Office Depot retail channels involves a variety of marketing, contract sales, catalog sales and e-commerce, and is in a leading position in office supply. Currently, Office Depot has opened 1,000 stores in North America, and has hundreds of retail stores in the rest of the world. Office Depot is making its way through professional sales force, telephone, direct mail and Web services to a wide range of customers. The company is also one of the world's largest e-commerce retailers with online sales of nearly $ 4 billion. The Asia Online is one of China's largest office supplies and office service provider, since online sales throughout the sales on weight proportion AsiaEC gradually become the mainstream of Chinese B2B e-commerce businesses. Headquartered in Beijing, it is also with branch offices Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. Through the website, e-commerce procurement software, direct marketing, direct mail and other channels, Asia Online provides hundreds of thousands of corporate customers with office supplies , portable document scanners,OCR scanners,best document scanners ,office equipment, IT products, office furniture, business gifts, business printing and other products and services.
Experts predict that China has become the world's largest consumer of office supplies. Chinese office supplies market has become one of the world's fastest-growing areas, and are now moving from simple wholesale to retailing chain business, to 2016 the total annual market of office supplies China will reach $ 35 billion. From the current point of view, although China's office supplies market is growing fast, but compared to the $ 200 billion global market capacity, China is still only accounted for less than 6 per cent. Therefore, as China's economy continues to develop, office stationery market potential is immeasurable. Meanwhile, according to statistics of relevant departments, the value of all types of office supplies China now consumes is more than 30 billion yuan every year, and this will also lead to the consumption of office IT products in the future and maintain more than 25% growth rate.Its printers, PDF,A5,A3,A4,A2 portable scanners are all among them.
In the past two years, international retail giants have vied for the Chinese market. By the end of 2004, China's WTO commitment, the full liberalization of the retail industry. Subsequently, Wal-Mart, Carrefour, Metro, and many other world-renowned retailers have moved into the Chinese market, its tentacles have begun to gradually penetrated into the office supplies market. To be able to stay ahead of international competition and to obtain greater development space and broader market, Office Depot is in an urgent need to develop China this huge cake industry, which culminated in the completion of the Office Depot acquisition of Asia Online.
For this acquisition behavior, Charles Brown Office Depot International's president has publicly stated: "Asia Online is the first to provide enterprise customers 'one-stop' office products and office services in China, occupying a pivotal in the office products market position in China The acquisition AsiaEC, Office Depot is on the fast-growing Chinese market, it is a major breakthrough and an opportunity, and then we will be able to gain greater market advantage in the Japanese and Korean markets, improve our competitiveness. "
Asia Online, one of the founders and CEO Liu Star, said: "Asia Online and Office Depot are to uphold customer-focused services aiming to boost our enterprise customers' business development." He said: "The Office Depot multi-channel marketing experience with Asian suppliers will be a great help and will bring more Chinese customers a wide range of products and service solutions,including the best doc scanners. "
For this acquisition, analysts pointed out: foreign giants continue to enter the office supplies business in China and the whole Chinese retail industry will get major impact, making a reshuffle in the Chinese traditional office supplies market.

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