Jul 13, 2015

Portable scanner, the next office revolution?

The advanced usage of document scanner
1. Turn the document scanner into fax

Many companies need to fax the documents after  the scanning of the  documents , we just need to equip the document scanners with telephone and Modem then we can  have a "homemade fax machine."

Download a shareware called Fax Machine, and after the installation of the software "settings-General (General)", "Scanner (scanner)" and "Modem (modem)" setting, review the software.

After the setup is complete, you can put the necessary documents in the scanner, the software in "Scan page (scans the page)" to manipulate, the preview window will pop up, the left side of a row of buttons for the corresponding function, such as abandonment, save, do rotation, right rotation and up and down rotation. If you need the anti-color processing you can also choose to "invert image (converted image)" to complete.

After the scanning is complete, press "Send fax (send a fax)" to enter a valid number after clicking "Dial and send (dial and send)" to be transmitted via cat. Software applicable period, you  can try from your friends if they have the resources for these kinds of portable document scanners to make them armed.

2. The special scanning techniques for the doc scanner

If the file is too large, more than scan amplitude, we can do it through the second scanning, and processing seamlessly, just to note that, please ensure there  have enough overlapping portion between two or more scans, also guaranteeing exposure consistent with the color shift when placed in combination.

① scanner "Macro Camera"

For the flatbed and portable scanner, digital scanning three-dimensional objects are very common, but it also has an interesting place, we can use this function, the object within the scanning range of focal length macro photography, just make the items placed on the panel, which is covering a solid background (usually cardboard, to prevent light interference, but also for post-processing, image separation, change the background to provide convenient). Adjust THE DPI to about 1000dpi resolution, image capture, as the high-resolution scanner sensor array can capture their tiny places,  the image quality, the image is much better than a digital camera. Of course, this approach is also suitable for the face self-timer, but because of too lifelike detail,it is not easy to show the figures of beauty, and it also needs to shoot the face attached to the panel for scanning, it is recommended only for early adopters of friends.

② three-dimensional scanning for the portable scanners

Another popular feature of the best doc scanner, you can get multi-dimensional perspective view of a simple operation and scanners special treatment, just pay attention to the resolution and focus adjustment is consistent.

Summary: document scanners in everyday applications are getting more widely, it is a modern office assistant, able to apply the appropriate scanning techniques and  can achieve the effect of time-saving, image quality has a big improvement too. So it is better for you to procure it and practice the scanners yourself to get more info and possibly fun from it.

Specifications of portable document scanners functions and applications.

The scanner is a computer peripheral equipment, which has the powerful features of converting the physical products such as A4/A3 papers into a digital format, with the developing of scanning technology, the document scanner can not only scan photos, text and other graphic files, but also can scan three- dimensional graphics, so it is a good kit for home users, soho family and various kinds of enterprises which has the need for office supplies.

Most of the time the scanner can automatically get the scan job completed, but in order to get a clearer, higher quality of the scanned image, the user of the document scanner must master the operating skills of the scanner In addition to scanning function, some of the products also own other features Hereby we will introduce some of them, , we start from the entry level to learn the basic skills of the portable document scanner.

1. Skillfully set the scanner resolution and scan mode of the document scanner

First, the scanner resolution setting is an important determinant of the effect of the scanned image, many of the friends think that the higher the resolution, the more clear scanned images, this is a common misunderstanding, we must fully evaluate the portable scanner resolution and scanning optical resolution first , if we set higher than the instrument resolution optical resolution, the imaging results are meaningless. For specific scan media, here are some tips to share, for ordinary text documents, 300dpi resolution is perfectly adequate, colorful photos or pictures often need 800dpi-1200dpi resolution for the setting of the best scanner resolution..
The scanners are in-built with a variety of scanning mode, roughly divided into black and white, grayscale and colorful modes, depending on the use of different modes to scan the media,it has a great influence on the scanning speed and image file size, black and white text in black and white mode, graphic mash Grayscale mode stability is the often used mode for additional color photo or picture.

2. Bulk Operations moderation for the document scanner
Some users prefer bulk operations to save steps, it needs to remind that, in this process of the the operation we should weigh the pros and cons device configuration and image software, and then scan accordingly as scanning pattern will take a lot of computer memory, once the batch is over large, it will lead to the fact that the memory footprint is too large, easily causing panic.

For general configuration of the computer (2GB RAM) is, A4 format scanner generally can be placed five standard size photos while scanning. In addition, the scan is to scale as a reference to the panel on the scanner scale is not part of the panel, manually marking. File next to the border typesetting easier to increase scanning accuracy. Remember to official before scanning the file prescan. The final image processing stage, you can easily select one of its own graphics processing software, a wide variety of related softwares are currently in the market , we can choose according to their needs and machine configurations.

Basic Knowledge of document scanners

Basic Knowledge of document scanners
1. The scanner is a high-tech electromagnetically integrated product. It is an important tool for transmitting the various forms of image information into the computer. It is the third generation of computer input devices after keyboard and mouse. It is a highly functional input device. People often use scanner for inputting computer image,from the direct images, photographs, graphics and film to all kinds of drawings of various types of document data using the document scanner, then it realizes computer processing of these images in the form of information , management, use, storage, output. Currently the portable scanner is widely used in image processing, publishing, and many areas of printing, advertising, office automation, multimedia, graphic database,graphic communications, engineering drawings,office supplies and other areas.

2. The document scanner’s composition? How does it work?
Document scanners are composed mainly of optical imaging  section, mechanical transmission parts and conversion circuit section. These parts cooperating with each other to reflect the characteristics of the optical image signals into electrical signals acceptable computer. Core part of the portable scanner is the photoelectric conversion unit complete photoelectric conversion. Currently most scanners photoelectric conversion unit uses what is called a charge-coupled device (CCD). It can be illuminated on the optical signal is converted into a corresponding electrical signal. The other main part of the composition has: a light source optical imaging part, an optical path and lens; conversion circuit portion A / D conversion processing circuit and the control circuit controls the mechanical part and the mechanical motion of the actuator stepper motor, and the scanning head and the rail. Reflected light  First, according to the light generated by the light source when the  document scanner is working on the artwork, it inputs an image characteristic or transmitted light (transmission version). Optical system gathers these rays to focus it on the CCD, the CCD optical signals then transmit into electrical signals, and then by the circuit part of these signals A / D conversion and processing to produce a corresponding digital signal to the computer.
3. How to classify the document scanner,.portable scanners and other scanners;Currently there are many types of scanners in the market, according to different criteria it  can be divided into different types. According to the  scanner principle,it  can be divided into  flatbed scanners, handheld scanners and photo multiplier tubes core of the drum scanners. And according to the  scanning image frame size,it  can be divided into small-format handheld scanners, desktop scanners medium-format and large-format drawings scanner, press scan artwork can be divided into a reflective media (paper) scanners and trans missive (film) scanners, it’s  Reflective transparencies can be a  versatile scanner.From the usage of the scanner it can be divided into general-purpose scanners,which can be used for all kinds of artwork  and dedicated scanner designed for the special image input devices such as bar code reading, card reading machines.
Key performance indicators of the best scanners
Scanner performance indicators are mainly represented by the  scanner accuracy resolution; represents a scanned image gray-scale gradation range; a scanning image color range of the number of colors, and the scan speed and scan format and so on. Resolution scanner surface indicates the ability to image detail, usually pixels per inch scanned image contained in the number, he said denoted DPI (Dot Per Inch). Currently, the majority resolution of the scanner between 300DPI-2400DPI. Gray level indicates the brightness level range of grayscale images. Series luminescence range more of the scanned image, the more rich layers. At present, most of the scanner is 256 gray. Number of colors represent the color range of the color scanner can produce. Usually indicates the color of each pixel data bits (bit) representation. For example, often said that the true color image refers to the color of each pixel with 24 binary number can represent a total of 224 = 16.8M colors, usually call this scanner as 24bit true color scanner. The more the number of colors to scan the image more vivid reality. There are several representations scanning speed, usually expressed in the resolution and image size specified scan time. Scan format scanning artwork represents the maximum size, a common A4, A3, A0 format scanners and so on for the office supplies.

How to select the best portable doc scanners.

1. You need to know what you want to scan for the photos. While you may occasionally change the format, most people prefer a certain type of photos, such as 4   6 photo, 8   10 pictures, or negatives. The most popular are the flatbed document scanners,their costs vary greatly, depending on the features they provide. The purpose is serving the public. Film scanners are costly, but they have higher resolution scanning. This is a great choice for photographers or other professional photographs.

2. You need to determine the resolution. Resolution is simply a scanner's key detail in the photo scanning or document scanner Print an image with higher resolution, print them and make them look very clear, rather than pixelated. Web images  have a lower resolution. For general use, many photos will complete the scanning 300 dots per inch (dpi). You will need up to 1200dpi. For enlarged pictures, you will need to have 3200DPI or higher. On the Internet, sending or posting photos via email, keeping low resolution, this makes the suitable file size, making it easy to send or post to a website via email.

3. Decide the color you need. Scanner images, in a different color depth (also called bit depth). This determines how accurate the translation from the photo's color to digital images. For general use, a bit depth of 24 works well. You can consider 30 bit of the document scanner or portable scanner as the best scanner, if you want higher quality. For scanning colorful or black and white photos, a higher bit depth will give you a better image. Looking for high bit depth and gray two colors (or 12-bit gray scale and 30-bit color) are always preferred.

4. Decides how fast you need for the scanner as the best scanners, you'll love the photo scanner's fast operation. If you want to scan photos, regularly finding the document scanner works quickly will save you a lot of time.

5. Consider your budget. Photo Scanner prices vary widely. Depending how much money you are willing to spend on your portable scanner as the , you need to find something that suits your needs and your price range.

6. Test different scanners to select the best scanners. While reading the specifications of the scanner will tell you some information that you can really tell if the scanner is the only way for you to pass the test. If it does not work like you expected. it needs to be returned and you can try another.These measures, and the best resolution are really determining the quality of your photos from the scanners. Choosing a photo scanner, but separate it with all-in-one printers. These provide higher resolution and makes it easier to use for the scan function printer.

Jul 10, 2015

Scanning quality of the portable document scanners

1, Determining the appropriate scanning method
The document scanner or portable scanner can scan pictures, text and photos, etc., scanner that are not with the same scan purposes has its different scanning methods. Open the scanner driver interface, you can find the program provides three scanning options, the "Yes or NO" method applies to black and white originals; "Grayscale" is suitable for both text and graphics drawing text proofs, scanning of the type having a plurality of integrated text and pictures gradation; "Photo" suitable for scanning colorful photos, it is a mixture of red, green and blue channels for multi-level sampling and storage. Before scanning, be sure the documents are to be scanned on the basis of the target, the selection of a suitable scanning method scans enables you to achieve a higher role.

2, Optimize the document scanner resolution
The higher the scanning resolution,the more clear the picture, but you need to take into account the resolution of the output device , if you set the picture resolution beyond the capacity of the document scanners, then clear picture can not be printed out, and it simply takes up more disk space, there is no practical value. Thus the selection of the proper scanning resolution is very necessary. After scanning sizes can be reduced significantly by downsizing the pictures. For example, let's do a 600dpi scanning with 4 × 4-inch picture, in the version of the program in its group it can be  reduced to 2 × 2 inches, then it's a resolution of 1200dpi.

3, Set the proper file size
Whether the goal is to scan text, picture or still photo, after the scanner outputs pictures, the size is directly related to the file size scale picture of the size, and therefore we probably set a good file size scales when scanning. In general, the best portable scanner can preview the original proofs calculated when active file size, file size calculation but know more will help you make the right selection in the process of scanning documents and determine the scanning resolution. The formula binary picture file is: a straight-scale horizontal scale × × [2 (scan resolution) / 8]. The formula colorful drawing file is: a straight-scale horizontal scale × × [2 (scan resolution) / 3].

4, Set up scanning parameters for the document scanner
The best scanner from the pre-scanned pictures are scanned according to the scanning system default parameter values, and for different scan targets and scanning methods are not the same, the role can not be the same. Therefore, we in order to achieve a higher quality picture scanning, can use artificial means to adjust parameters such as brightness grayscale and if the colorful picture is too bright or too dark, you can drag the slider after slider on the brightness, changes in brightness. If the brightness is too high, the picture will look white; brightness is too low, too dark. Probably you drag the brightness slider, so that the brightness of the picture can be moderate. Like the other parameters, you can adjust according to the same method to carry out part of the amendment until the self-satisfaction of a visual effect stops. Always, a good scan picture probably try to do without and then picture processing software for more adjustments can be satisfied with the printout, and closest to the print quality.

5, Storage and load scanning software
Sometimes, we in order to get the best color and scanning contrast, first do low-resolution scanning, open it in Photoshop, and do the color and improve the contrast of a curve on Photoshop. Storage curve and load back scanning software, your document scanner will now use this color correction curve to establish a very good high-resolution file. If you use a class like color gamut size scan several pictures, you can apply the same curve, but you can always store the curve, and then base on demand load to them.

6, find the best scanning area on a glass plate for the office supplies
In order to achieve optimum scanning quality picture, we can find the best scanning area of ​​the document scanner, and then scan the target drop in demand here, to get the best and most fidelity picture effect. Detailed search process is as follows: First, the scanner is set to active or tacit condition, check all the region, followed by a low resolution, and scan a blank, white or opaque block proofs; then use a professional picture processing software Photoshop to open the comp, using the mean value of the software instructions (Equalize menu items) on proofs for disposal, after disposal we will be able to see the scanner where there are cracks, stripes, black spots. We can print this document, cut out of the best areas (that is, the most stable region), we then set the best pictures.

OCR software and its application in document scanners

OCR (Optical Character Recognition) document scanner software refers to the situation where the electronic device (e.g., portable scanner or digital camera) check characters printed on paper, by detecting the dark light pattern to determine the shape, then through the shape of the character recognition translating the text into computer process ; that is: ensure the text data is scanned, and then via the image file analysis and processing to get the text and layout information. How to debug or use auxiliary information to improve the recognition accuracy is the most important issue of OCR, the noun ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition) is thus produced. The measuring indicators of a good or bad performance OCR system are: rejection rate, friendly error rate, recognition speed, user interface, product stability, ease of use and feasibility.OCRs are mainly used in scanners, for document scanners,portable scanners and some of the best scanners,which are classified as office supplies.
Optical character recognition concept is created in 1929 by German scientist Tausheck, and later an US scientists Handel also proposed the ideas of the use of technology to identify character. The earliest printed Chinese character recognition research is IBM's Casey and Nagy, in 1966, they published the first article on Chinese character recognition using the template matching method to identify the 1000 printed characters.
Early in the 1960s and 1970s, the world began to research on the OCR, and initial research, mostly research is based on text recognition and text recognition is only confined to the digits 0 to 9. For instance, Japan also has a blocked texts,, around 1960 they began to study the basic OCR recognition theory, the initial stage they focus on the digital object, then they began to have some simple products, such as printed text recognition system between ZIP until 1965-1970, ZIP code identifying the message to help the post office as a letter-area operations; thereafter each country has advocated the zip code address writing style.
Early 1970s, Japanese scholars began to study Chinese character recognition, and did a lot of work. Chinese study in OCR technology started late, they only began to identify numbers, letters and symbols to in their studies in the 1970s, the late 1970s they started to study Chinese character recognition, till 1986 they entered a substantive character recognition stage, many research institutions have launched a Chinese OCR product. Early OCR software, due to various factors and product recognition rate, failed to meet the actual requirements in the application of scanner industry for portable scanners,document scanners,office best scanners. Meanwhile, the high cost of hardware and with the running is slow, they failed to get practical result. Only a few sectors, such as the information sector, the press and publishing units,office supplies have the use of OCR software. OCR after 1986 has made great progress in the Chinese character modeling and identification method; they have the innovation, research and development applications in the system have achieved fruitful results, many units have launched a Chinese OCR products for document scanners. After the beginning of the 20th century, with extensive use of flatbed scanners,OCR document scanner and automation of information and office automation ,they contributed significantly to the further development of OCR technology, the OCR recognition rate and recognition speed are able to meet the majority of users requirement for document scanners and office scanners.
Because of the scanner software's popularity and widespread application, OCR software only needs to be provided with an interface with the portable document scanner, using a scanner driver software, then they can function and work for you.