Jul 13, 2015

Specifications of portable document scanners functions and applications.

The scanner is a computer peripheral equipment, which has the powerful features of converting the physical products such as A4/A3 papers into a digital format, with the developing of scanning technology, the document scanner can not only scan photos, text and other graphic files, but also can scan three- dimensional graphics, so it is a good kit for home users, soho family and various kinds of enterprises which has the need for office supplies.

Most of the time the scanner can automatically get the scan job completed, but in order to get a clearer, higher quality of the scanned image, the user of the document scanner must master the operating skills of the scanner In addition to scanning function, some of the products also own other features Hereby we will introduce some of them, , we start from the entry level to learn the basic skills of the portable document scanner.

1. Skillfully set the scanner resolution and scan mode of the document scanner

First, the scanner resolution setting is an important determinant of the effect of the scanned image, many of the friends think that the higher the resolution, the more clear scanned images, this is a common misunderstanding, we must fully evaluate the portable scanner resolution and scanning optical resolution first , if we set higher than the instrument resolution optical resolution, the imaging results are meaningless. For specific scan media, here are some tips to share, for ordinary text documents, 300dpi resolution is perfectly adequate, colorful photos or pictures often need 800dpi-1200dpi resolution for the setting of the best scanner resolution..
The scanners are in-built with a variety of scanning mode, roughly divided into black and white, grayscale and colorful modes, depending on the use of different modes to scan the media,it has a great influence on the scanning speed and image file size, black and white text in black and white mode, graphic mash Grayscale mode stability is the often used mode for additional color photo or picture.

2. Bulk Operations moderation for the document scanner
Some users prefer bulk operations to save steps, it needs to remind that, in this process of the the operation we should weigh the pros and cons device configuration and image software, and then scan accordingly as scanning pattern will take a lot of computer memory, once the batch is over large, it will lead to the fact that the memory footprint is too large, easily causing panic.

For general configuration of the computer (2GB RAM) is, A4 format scanner generally can be placed five standard size photos while scanning. In addition, the scan is to scale as a reference to the panel on the scanner scale is not part of the panel, manually marking. File next to the border typesetting easier to increase scanning accuracy. Remember to official before scanning the file prescan. The final image processing stage, you can easily select one of its own graphics processing software, a wide variety of related softwares are currently in the market , we can choose according to their needs and machine configurations.

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