Jul 13, 2015

Portable scanner, the next office revolution?

The advanced usage of document scanner
1. Turn the document scanner into fax

Many companies need to fax the documents after  the scanning of the  documents , we just need to equip the document scanners with telephone and Modem then we can  have a "homemade fax machine."

Download a shareware called Fax Machine, and after the installation of the software "settings-General (General)", "Scanner (scanner)" and "Modem (modem)" setting, review the software.

After the setup is complete, you can put the necessary documents in the scanner, the software in "Scan page (scans the page)" to manipulate, the preview window will pop up, the left side of a row of buttons for the corresponding function, such as abandonment, save, do rotation, right rotation and up and down rotation. If you need the anti-color processing you can also choose to "invert image (converted image)" to complete.

After the scanning is complete, press "Send fax (send a fax)" to enter a valid number after clicking "Dial and send (dial and send)" to be transmitted via cat. Software applicable period, you  can try from your friends if they have the resources for these kinds of portable document scanners to make them armed.

2. The special scanning techniques for the doc scanner

If the file is too large, more than scan amplitude, we can do it through the second scanning, and processing seamlessly, just to note that, please ensure there  have enough overlapping portion between two or more scans, also guaranteeing exposure consistent with the color shift when placed in combination.

① scanner "Macro Camera"

For the flatbed and portable scanner, digital scanning three-dimensional objects are very common, but it also has an interesting place, we can use this function, the object within the scanning range of focal length macro photography, just make the items placed on the panel, which is covering a solid background (usually cardboard, to prevent light interference, but also for post-processing, image separation, change the background to provide convenient). Adjust THE DPI to about 1000dpi resolution, image capture, as the high-resolution scanner sensor array can capture their tiny places,  the image quality, the image is much better than a digital camera. Of course, this approach is also suitable for the face self-timer, but because of too lifelike detail,it is not easy to show the figures of beauty, and it also needs to shoot the face attached to the panel for scanning, it is recommended only for early adopters of friends.

② three-dimensional scanning for the portable scanners

Another popular feature of the best doc scanner, you can get multi-dimensional perspective view of a simple operation and scanners special treatment, just pay attention to the resolution and focus adjustment is consistent.

Summary: document scanners in everyday applications are getting more widely, it is a modern office assistant, able to apply the appropriate scanning techniques and  can achieve the effect of time-saving, image quality has a big improvement too. So it is better for you to procure it and practice the scanners yourself to get more info and possibly fun from it.

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