Jul 10, 2015

Scanning quality of the portable document scanners

1, Determining the appropriate scanning method
The document scanner or portable scanner can scan pictures, text and photos, etc., scanner that are not with the same scan purposes has its different scanning methods. Open the scanner driver interface, you can find the program provides three scanning options, the "Yes or NO" method applies to black and white originals; "Grayscale" is suitable for both text and graphics drawing text proofs, scanning of the type having a plurality of integrated text and pictures gradation; "Photo" suitable for scanning colorful photos, it is a mixture of red, green and blue channels for multi-level sampling and storage. Before scanning, be sure the documents are to be scanned on the basis of the target, the selection of a suitable scanning method scans enables you to achieve a higher role.

2, Optimize the document scanner resolution
The higher the scanning resolution,the more clear the picture, but you need to take into account the resolution of the output device , if you set the picture resolution beyond the capacity of the document scanners, then clear picture can not be printed out, and it simply takes up more disk space, there is no practical value. Thus the selection of the proper scanning resolution is very necessary. After scanning sizes can be reduced significantly by downsizing the pictures. For example, let's do a 600dpi scanning with 4 × 4-inch picture, in the version of the program in its group it can be  reduced to 2 × 2 inches, then it's a resolution of 1200dpi.

3, Set the proper file size
Whether the goal is to scan text, picture or still photo, after the scanner outputs pictures, the size is directly related to the file size scale picture of the size, and therefore we probably set a good file size scales when scanning. In general, the best portable scanner can preview the original proofs calculated when active file size, file size calculation but know more will help you make the right selection in the process of scanning documents and determine the scanning resolution. The formula binary picture file is: a straight-scale horizontal scale × × [2 (scan resolution) / 8]. The formula colorful drawing file is: a straight-scale horizontal scale × × [2 (scan resolution) / 3].

4, Set up scanning parameters for the document scanner
The best scanner from the pre-scanned pictures are scanned according to the scanning system default parameter values, and for different scan targets and scanning methods are not the same, the role can not be the same. Therefore, we in order to achieve a higher quality picture scanning, can use artificial means to adjust parameters such as brightness grayscale and if the colorful picture is too bright or too dark, you can drag the slider after slider on the brightness, changes in brightness. If the brightness is too high, the picture will look white; brightness is too low, too dark. Probably you drag the brightness slider, so that the brightness of the picture can be moderate. Like the other parameters, you can adjust according to the same method to carry out part of the amendment until the self-satisfaction of a visual effect stops. Always, a good scan picture probably try to do without and then picture processing software for more adjustments can be satisfied with the printout, and closest to the print quality.

5, Storage and load scanning software
Sometimes, we in order to get the best color and scanning contrast, first do low-resolution scanning, open it in Photoshop, and do the color and improve the contrast of a curve on Photoshop. Storage curve and load back scanning software, your document scanner will now use this color correction curve to establish a very good high-resolution file. If you use a class like color gamut size scan several pictures, you can apply the same curve, but you can always store the curve, and then base on demand load to them.

6, find the best scanning area on a glass plate for the office supplies
In order to achieve optimum scanning quality picture, we can find the best scanning area of ​​the document scanner, and then scan the target drop in demand here, to get the best and most fidelity picture effect. Detailed search process is as follows: First, the scanner is set to active or tacit condition, check all the region, followed by a low resolution, and scan a blank, white or opaque block proofs; then use a professional picture processing software Photoshop to open the comp, using the mean value of the software instructions (Equalize menu items) on proofs for disposal, after disposal we will be able to see the scanner where there are cracks, stripes, black spots. We can print this document, cut out of the best areas (that is, the most stable region), we then set the best pictures.

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