Jun 24, 2015

Factory supplier of complete LED display screen solution

CHINA (2015) - A LED screen is a video display show which uses light-discharging diodes. An LED board is a little show, or a part of a bigger show or screen. They are normally utilized outside as a part of store signs and announcements, and lately have likewise turned out to be ordinarily utilized as a part of destination signs on open transport vehicles. 

Company’s products: 
•    WIFI LED Screen Server, which can control the LED Screen Video at hands from Android Phones and Tablets. 
•    LVP605S Video Wall  used for LED Video Processor rental LED Screen Display. 
•    Linen MC801 Multi Mode LED Fiber Convertor 
•    LED Sign 3Color automatic scrolling Outdoor Message Display. 

Prerequisites for publicizing the LED display:
•    Solid assurance to withstand amazing climate conditions 
•    Energy is sparing to lower force utilization and spare operational expense 
•    High brilliance to guarantee clear pictures even in the daylight 
•    Wide survey point to cover the bigger perspective range and draw in more consideration from bystanders 
•    Uniform and stable pictures to continue extraordinary execution 
•    Long life compass to amplify the advantages of clients for 5 to 8 years or significantly more life span.

P8 SMD Full shading outdoor Screen Display,High Definition  includes Pixel Pitch: 8mm; Cabinet Size: 1024×768mm,SMD 3535 LED, Standard handles innovation to guarantee every line and every segment lights at the same level line, and guarantee light consistency and clear, steadiness pictures. 

LED screen factory of Htldisplay is an ISO 9001:2008 ensured exploration foundation and producer that has been included in the configuration, generation, promoting and delivery of LED products. 

Their product offering incorporates implanted PC platforms, mobile information terminals, test instruments, home automation gadgets, camera and TV screens, touch VGA/HDMI screens for industrial applications, USB screens arrangement, marine and medical screens and other exceptional LED s. They are the top LED display manufacturer in China.

For more information and their product details visit http://www.htldisplay.com

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