Jun 25, 2015

Features of best portable document scanners

The brand new portable scanners are the result of our independent research and development of science and technology, it is also the production of a mobile office equipment, with elongated appearance, about 26mm, and very light,which can be easily placed in the backpacks, handbags and briefcases,occupying no big space and easy to carry with convenience. Using propelling scanning design, maximum supporting A4-size paper, it only uses a few seconds to scan the contents of the paper, and it can directly scan, the scan data can be stored directly in the SD card without the computer, and the power uses battery-driven, the LCD can display the scan status. So in deed it is a mobile office anytime, anywhere..
The vast majority of portable scanner using CIS technology, optical resolution of 600dpi, black and white, grayscale, color ..a variety of types, including color class generally 18-bit color, also there is some individual high-grade products using CCD with a light-sensitive device, which can  achieve 24-bit true color, better scanning results.

Features of the portable document scanner

1) Compact body, easy to carry
Elongated appearance, about 26mm,and is very light,these features make it can be easily placed in the backpacks, handbags and briefcases, not occupying space, easy to carry.
2)Speedy Starting, speedy scanning
Using the most advanced image processing technology and chip, without preheating, start to scan as soon as it is started, subverting the traditional approach, which greatly improves the efficiency of the paperless office.
3) Built-in display, scan status visualization
Fuselage comes with a color display, revealing the scanning number of sheets, scanning resolution, the scan color mode information.
4)Battery-powered, SD card storage
Using ordinary AA replaceable battery powered, no external power supply can be direct  boot-time scanning, scanned documents can be stored directly in the SD card.
5)One button operation, simple and quick
Just gently turn on the power switch, and then use the scanner to scan data, push forward the scanner or the documents to complete the scan job!
6) One key switch scan mode
Support color and monochrome scanning mode, use the button next to the display to switch to a new mode.
7)A button is enough to switch the scanning resolution for the portable scanners
Cut out for the wrong title, part of the answer can be erased, and retain the original title, make it merged into a book to facilitate repeated practice and testing.
8)Online, offline, dual scan
Scanning can be performed through the USB interface connected to a computer, you can also use the battery and memory card for offline use.
product use of the document scanner

1)Financial Institutions
Effects: A quick scan of various types of information, reduce customer waiting time and improve the quality of services; various business forms, documents, high-definition and classification of storage customers scanning archives, the establishment of digital management system to improve business efficiency.

2)Education Industry
Supplementary information, exam papers and other paper document scanning and storage; record video, real-time projection, multimedia teaching
3)Advertising, engineering firms
Easily scan advertising posters, publicity pictures, leaflets and various large format engineering drawings, electronic storage, save paper, reduce office costs

4) Medical institutions
Scan and save the patient's medical history, laboratory test, CT slices, X-ray films.

5)Government organization
Scanning and storage of various government office documents, establish a government office information repository, to share information through electronic networking, the whole green paperless operation, to achieve energy conservation. Particularly suitable for Land Resources Bureau, public security, industrial and commercial tax and other agencies

6)General business
Each department store daily document scanning, promote enterprise paperless office, saving office costs, the file can be transmitted in real time scanning and thus  improve office efficiency.

Overall ,the best portable document scanner has been increasingly importable and popular in the office and home, they will become more and more versatile in functions and a mu-have gadgets for those who care about the quality of the electronics products they use.

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